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The Map Converter is a Windows PC application for converting various raster map formats into the Mud Map Raster (.mmr) format. Mud Map Raster is a highly optimised mobile file format that delivers high performance on mobile devices. These files can be imported into Mud Map 2 for offline use.

Raster map formats supported
• GeoTiff
• OziExplorer - ozf2 & ozfx3 (Some, but not all. See the section on OziExplorer maps below)

Download the Map Converter application (Build 20) - Release Notes

Terms of use

Installation: Double click the file to begin installation, follow the on screen prompts.

User Guide
1. Use the map converter to convert your raster map files into .mmr format.
2. Open iTunes and add the files to the documents directory of Mud Map 2.
3. In Mud Map 2 go to Menu > Maps > Import maps.
4. Follow the prompts.

DISCLAIMER: OziExplorer Maps

Some OziExplorer maps are encrypted and cannot be used by Mud Map 2. This free Map Converter software can determine if your OziExplorer maps can be used by Mud Map 2. Simply download it and try to convert your OziExplorer Maps. If your maps are successfully converted, they can be imported into Mud Map 2 for offline use.

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