Q: Every file fails to convert
We have fixed this bug in the latest version of the Map Converter Application (build 16 or newer), click here to upgrade. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Q: My unencrypted OziExplorer maps fail to convert.
Each OziExplorer map is made up of 2 files. The image file (.ozf2 or ozfx3) and a GeoInfo file (.map). Make sure the pair have the same file name (e.g. australia.ozf2 - australia.map) and they are in the same directory.

If you are still having issues, please send us just one of the failed maps so we can have a closer look into the issue.

Q: Some of my Rooftop maps fail to convert or conversion is fine but the app crashes when importing them.
Rooftop supply each map in 2 formats, jpg and ozf2. You will find there are 4 files in total.

  1. Bairnsdale Dargo Omeo AM.jpg
  2. Bairnsdale Dargo Omeo AM.map
  3. Bairnsdale Dargo Omeo AM.ozf2
  4. Bairnsdale Dargo Omeo AM_ozf.map

The files you need are 3 and 4, copy them into a new folder so they are isolated from the jpg version. Now, the .map file name does not match the .ozf2 file name. Simply rename the .map files so the file names are exactly the same.

For example...
Bairnsdale Dargo Omeo AM.ozf2
Bairnsdale Dargo Omeo AM.map

Now you should be able to convert them successfully.

Q: Why do I need to enter Brand and Edition Info?
A raster map file does not contain any of this info. The Map Converter assume the filename is the title of the map, and will auto popular those fields, however you will need to manually enter the brand and edition info. Simply select the map(s) and click edit to change the Map Title, Brand & Edition. if multiple files are selected, the same brand and edition info will be applied.