Differences between Mud Map 2 and Mud Map HD

Acronyms: Mud Map HD (MMHD) - Mud Map 2 (MM2) - OpenStreetMap (OSM)

Below are the major difference between Mud Map 2 and Mud Map HD.

Vector Map Engine
- MMHD includes SmartTOPO using NAVTEQ data, MM2 includes THEMAP which uses OSM data. Learn more about OSM data
- THEMAP is a community generated map. If a map feature is missing or incorrect on THEMAP, you can correct it using OSM editing tools. Giving each user the flexibility to improve the map for everyone else. Learn how to get involved.
- Free monthly updates to THEMAP delivers all map improvements to your device for offline use.

Interactive Campsites & Caravan Parks
- A new feature exclusive to Mud Map 2.
- Shows thousands of Campsites & Caravan Park on THEMAP.
- Site can have facility info, photos and reviews by the community.

Import Maps
- Use your existing digital raster maps with MM2. More Info.

- MMHD provides auto routing where as MMHD offer the ability to create custom routes manually.
- MM2 is integrated with Google and Apple maps to provide turn by turn voice guided navigation.

- MM2 can record tracks while the device is asleep or the app is in the background. MMHD cannot.
- Tracks can be started, paused in MM2.

User Interface
- Mud Map 2 has a completely redesigned user interface.