Q: I deleted Mud Map 2 from my device. How do I redownload it again?
A: On your device, go to the App Store --> Updates --> Purchased. Find MM2 and tap the cloud icon to download it for free.

Q: Mud Map 2 can't determine my location
Location access may be turned off. To turn location back on, go to DEVICE settings > Privacy > Location Services. Make sure the switch next to Mud Map 2 is turned on.

Q: **THEMAP doesn't show any roads, tracks, towns, etc**
You may not have the latest map data. To download map data, start the app and go to Menu > Maps > Download Maps and follow the on screen instructions.

Q: I have Mud Map HD and have also purchased lots of maps from your map store. Will these maps work in Mud Map 2?
Yes, all maps purchased from our online map store are compatible with Mud Map 2.

Q: Where can I find tutorial videos?
Tutorial video are available via the Mud Map youtube channel.

Q: I have Mud Map HD, can I get Mud Map 2 for free?
Mud Map 2 is a sperate app and is not an update of Mud Map HD. It will retail for $149.99 AUD through the App Store, but for existing customers, a launch special is available. Mud Map 2 is just $99.99 until the 15 May. Download from the App Store now.

Q: Can I use my own maps in OziExplorer format with Mud Map 2?
In most cases, yes, however some OziExplorer maps are encrypted and cannot be used by Mud Map 2. This free Map Converter software can determine if your OziExplorer maps can be used by Mud Map 2. Simply download it and try to convert your OziExplorer Maps. If your maps are successfully converted, they can be imported into Mud Map 2 for offline use.

Q: What are the differences between Mud Map 2 and Mud Map HD?
See this article for more on this topic.

Q: Can I plan routes on my Mac or PC then download for offline use in Mud Map 2
Yes, use the free online route planning tool on our website to create your routes. Routes are saved to your account and can be downloaded by Mud Map 2 for offline use.

The online route planning tool can be found at http://www.mud-maps.com/routes/create

Q: I've upgraded my device / delete the app, where can i redownload it from?
iPhone: On the device go to the App Store > Updates > Purchased > Find Mud Map 2 and tap the cloud.

iPad: App Store > Purchased > Not on this device > Find Mud Map 2 and tap the cloud.

Q: When I zoom out on The Map, will tracks be visible? The Map is optimized for off-road use. 4WD track, regional roads are displayed at a much higher zoom level and provides a much better browsing user experience compared with SmartTOPO.

Q: Can I still use the maps I purchased previously in Mud Map 2?
Certainly, maps you purchase from our map store are stored in your account and can be downloaded by any of our apps. Once you have Mud Map 2 on your device, go to Menu > Maps > Download Maps, and all your maps will be available to download for offline use.

Q: How can I transfer maps I have in Mud Map HD to Mud Map 2?
They cannot be transfered, but you can simply download them again by going to Menu > Maps > Download Maps.

Q: What type/model of iPad do I need to use Mud Map 2?
iPad Wifi+Cellular models, that can run iOS6.0 or newer, regardless of generation (i.e. iPad 2, iPad mini) all have built in GPS receivers which is used by the app to determine your location.

If you have a WiFi only iPad, which DOES NOT have a built in GPS, an external GPS receiver can be used to determine your location.

For more info, see Apple's iPad tech spec page.

Q: Will the apps work without phone coverage?
Yes, Once the app is downloaded, cellular or internet connectivity is no longer required for navigation. Maps are stored on your device so you can explore in confidence anywhere!

Q: Where can I buy additional maps?
We have a huge range of add on raster maps available from the Map Store. Popular map bundles are also available as an in app purchase, right from the app. Once purchased, these maps can be downloaded on your device for offline use.

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