I deleted Mud Map 3 from my device. How do I redownload it again? A: On your device, go to the App Store --> Updates --> Purchased. Find MM3 and tap the cloud icon to download it for free.

I can no longer download maps! A: A fresh install should fix this issue. First delete the app from the device then go to App Store > Purchased and redownload it for free.

I can't get my location in Mud Map 3 A: Go to device settings > privacy > location > make sure Mud Map 3 is set to "Always"

Mud Map 3 is available from the App Store

Q: What's new in Mud Map 3?
A: Mud Map 3 is a major new release and packs a ton of improves. learn more

Q: Is upgrade pricing available?
A: Of course, we value your loyalty. See this article for more info

Q: Can I transfer westprint maps from Mud Map 2 to Mud Map 3?
A: Definitely. After installing Mud Map 3, get in touch with us and we will add Westprint maps to your account so you can download them in Mud Map 3.

Q: How do I bulk download maps?
A: In the app, go to Menu > Maps > Download Maps.

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