What's new in Mud Map 3?

UPDATE: Westprint maps are now bundled with Mud Map 3.

Mud Map 3 is available from the App Store

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Better Maps

“Premium TOPO maps are amazing, I wish they came with the app instead of being a $99 in app purchase”.

This was the most frequent piece of feedback I got from Mud Map 2 customers. And yes they were right! Because of this fact, only a fraction of Mud Map 2 customers purchased these premium TOPO maps. As a result, only a small fraction of our users got to experience these maps first hand.

I started the company to deliver the best 4WD mapping app. Having most of our customers miss out on the best possible experience was not acceptable! So my team went back to the drawing board.

We passed on your feedback to our mapping partners. We asked for more flexible terms and pricing that was magnitudes lower than any deal they’ve agreed to previously. We negotiated hard! I’m not going to lie, it was not easy, but in the end they all came to the party!

Bottom line, what this means for you is an App packed with the latest and great maps the 4WD community has ever seen! Over 2,500 maps in total and they are all come bundled with Mud Map 3. No more in app purchases, no more confusion on what maps you get.

Buy Mud Map 3 and you get the lot!

And yes, they work OFFLINE

Click the links below to preview these maps


Westprint 4WD Touring maps

Queensland TOPO maps



NATMAP Touring TOPO maps

BackCountry Touring maps

What eles is new?

Mud Map 3 also features a new, simple and more user friendly user interface. It retains all the powerful navigation features from Mud Map 2. However due to tight deadlines, some features were not included for the launch version. Rest assured our team is working on including these features into Mud Map 3. They will become available via free update in the coming weeks.

Missing features coming soon...
• Import 3rd party maps • Auto switch to adjacent map • Bulk map download • Route planning

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