Importing your existing maps

IMPORTANT: The Map Converter is a free tool. If you are wondering weather your existing maps can be used with Mud Map Android app, try using this tool to convert your maps. Successfully converted maps can be used with the app. If your maps fail to convert, send us the file(s) and we will have a closer look into the issue and get back to you.

To import your existing raster maps for offline use you will need...

  1. Mud Map Android app
  2. Map Converter application
  3. Windows PC

Step 1:
Convert your raster map files using the Map Converter application.

Step 2:
Connect your Android device to your computer, it should mount as a disk and accessed via File Explorer.

Step 3:
In file explorer, find your Android device and go to Android > Data > > files. If the files folder is not there, create it (right click and select new folder > use "file" as the folder name)

Step 4:
Open the app on your device and go to Menu > Maps > Import Maps > then follow the prompts.

Mosaic maps are large map files of an entire state, country, usually over 100mb in ecw format. Mud Map Android app will not work with these mosaic files due to the file size been too large.