SmartTOPO Subscription

This article is based on feature available from MUD MAP v3.1.1. If you have a previous version, get the update from the App Store.

Subscriptions to SmartTOPO map & Features were introduced in 3.1.1. First 30 days is included with the app purchase. This article explains how to purchase and manage subscriptions.

Purchase a Subscription Go to Menu > Map Library > SmartTOPO
Choose the suitable subscription period
Follow the on screen instructions

Check the status of a Subscription Go To Menu > Map Library > SmartTOPO
At the top of this screen, you'll find the status of your subscription including the expiration date.

Recover a subscription from another device IMPORTANT: When purchasing a subscription, the app will remind you to sign in to your account so we can keep a record of your subscription against your account.

To recover a subscription from another device, simply sign in to your account.

Subscription Expired When your subscription has expired, you will no longer have access to:
• View the SmartTOPO™ map.
• Regular map updates.
• Address Search.
• Points of interest Search.
• Lead the Way™ (Routing)

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